Reintroduction of Psychedelics

The Reintroduction of Psychedelic Drugs Into Society.

For thousands of years, human beings have sought after and experienced altered states of consciousness. Meditation, sleep deprivation, fasting and the use of psychedelic substances have all been used in order to alter the mind and body’s regular functions and bring about these altered states. Until fairly recently, the physiological changes in the body underlying these effects, especially in regards to psychedelic substances, were largely unknown due to a significant lack of thorough research into them.


No Country For Young Men: The Generation Gap In The UK

There are several issues affecting the youth labour market. To start with, there seems to be an apparent skills mismatch. The Futuretrack Stage 4 Report (FS4R) from the Warwick Institute For Employment Research concluded that, in winter 2011-2012, 32% of graduates had jobs that did not require the graduate skills they had gained.

Douglas Linares Flinto: “Why and How I am Fighting Corruption in Business”

Corruption is a long-standing issue for companies all over the world. The case of Douglas Linares Flinto involves the same countries and industry. He was fired in 2001 by Eni do Brazil (Eni’s Brazilian subsidiary) after reporting several cases of misconduct. Flinto strongly believes that his firing was the result of a retaliation, thus he decided to fight back against the company, a fight which has lasted nearly 15 years.